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Want to go pro but don't know where to even start?

Welcome to Rhythma. The one stop shop for all the training you could possibly need to shine you up to all you've ever wanted to be...



Contact our team for an intro call!

No More Dreaming,
Let's Design Your Future NOW.

Are you a creative performance artist ready for the spotlight?

Why fly solo when we have all the experience, talent, education, instructors, equipment, studio space, booking agency, and everything you need right here in one place! We’ve been launching industry leaders & superstars for over a decade and are thrilled to customize the perfect curriculum to skyrocket you to your creative dreams!


Private Studio Lessons

We provide an eclectic collection of specialty skill instructors for artists looking to add some "wow" factor to their repertoire. Explore the dazzling potential of every dance style imaginable, as well as, fire acts, object manipulation, gymnastics, acrobatics, aerials, juggling, hoop dance, stilt walking, mime, and more!    


Business Education

What if you have all that skill and no one knows your name? You'll receive 1:1 consultations and training in branding, marketing, networking, social media, EPKs & CVs, and everything you need to know on how to get booked and land those dream moments to build your artistic career! 

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Media Shoots

You know the saying, pics or it didn't happen. We will create a whole professional promo kit for you with photoshoots for headshots, full body, live action, plus videography of your craft - and even - personality bios to share your energy with your future dream bookings! 


Finally, you have the roadmap you’ve been waiting for! & You are not alone! Now, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to be the performer you’ve always dreamed to be? Achieving your potential is just a button click away... Check out one of our options below and our team will be in touch to outline your curriculum! 


Contact our team for an intro call!

I've had the pleasure of spending time with Meredith, the owner, and many other employees and instructors that work at Rhythma. Everyone is creative minded and free spirited, which makes for a great atmosphere for growth. Meredith wants all of her dancers & entertainers to succeed ! would recommend this establishment to anyone!
I've met some of the BEST instructors here to this day. The studio offers an ensemble of classes for all backgrounds, styles, & rhythms. I Am proud to be a part of the love that is being shared from this space. I also adore the holistic aspect that they are transforming to. The community has spoken and they are answering the call, got to love it.
Every class/workshop that I have attended here has been mind blowing. It is a great joy to have such an eclectic flavor offered at a comfortable, radiant studio.

There is soooooo much in store for the future here and the lovers of now. Thanks Rhythma Studios for making a difference in my life and career.
Love Rhythma! The instructors are AMAZING. They are super helpful and talented. Super excited to be in this environment. Rhythma definitely aims to help and I have happily received!


Here's how it works. Choose your package below and select the number of points you'd like to apply to create your custom curriculum. Together, we will design the perfect road map to get you to exactly where you need to be.


Public Jam Access = 1 point

Public Class Access = 1 points

Fitness & Flexibility Training = 2 points

Private Studio Practice = 3 points

Private Lessons = 4 points

Business & Marketing = 4 points

Media Shoot = 4+ points

Specialty Private Lessons = 5 points

Consultations with 10+ Year Industry Leaders

Meredith Hope &/or Kassy Nova = 5 points


Contact our team for an intro call!

Select one of the package options below then we will contact each other to set up your class curriculum together and make your creative dreams come true! 

You WERE NOT PUT ON THIS EARTH to be mediocre...


And we have all the tools to perfect your potential...

Question is...

If the perfect opportunity was right in front of you...

Would you take action?

Don't wait another day...

Your journey begins now.

Meet Our Agency

Your Dream Begins Here...




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