Our studio is a sprawling, open space with nearly 3,000 square feet devoted to dance. It also includes a lounge and office area for check ins.

Fully equipped with professional lighting and sound, full mirrors, and a top-of-the-line vinyl dance floor, Rhythma is easily one of the nicest places to dance in Atlanta. Our studio is outfitted with ballet bars, yoga balls, matts, gymnastic pads, weights and more, all of which is available for your use, or easily removed to suite your needs.


The space comfortably holds up to 75 dancers in a formal class or rehearsal setting, and will accommodate up to 200 for parties, jams, battles or other events. 

Our convenient, downtown location makes our studio an easy choice for group rehearsals and events.  With direct access to I-75/85  and I-20, free parking, and competitive rental rates, we make it easy for you to coordinate your performers. 


We're also an ideal setting for filming. A rugged, industrial atmosphere of brick and concrete juxtaposed with the elegance of long mirrors, smooth, polished floors, and an atmosphere devoted to creation, Rhythma is easily the most unique studio setting in the city.