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Run Away With Rhythma

Mix passion with pleasure. Join our Costa Rican Training Retreats.

West African Drum & Dance - Tribal Isolations & Fire Arts

Dedicate your vacation time to building a better you. 


We are sending some of Rhythma's most popular programs to paradise to give you, our students and friends, the chance to immerse yourselves in a week-long intensive training program of your choice.  Travel with intention and enjoy the best of both worlds: a worry-free vacation experience, and a week of intensive workshops and training with friends.


With our all-inclusive packages you will be free to spend your mornings honing your favorite craft, your days relaxing on beautiful black-sand beaches between group outings & activities, and your evenings exploring the surprisingly rich culture of the tiny costal town of Cahuita.


Connect with local culture, and the Pura Vida (Pure Life) lifestyle! Unlike other retreats, that might ship you off to a secluded luxury hotel, we partner with locally owned and operated businesses that are integrated parts of the native community of Cahuita. Our retreat emphasizes cultural exchange and builds strong bonds with the Caribbean community. Not only will you get to meet and connect with the Ticos (Costa Rican natives), but your vacation will actually help support small business in the community, rather than wealthy foreign investors! 


See our selection of retreat packages below for more information on each style. Prices for each package vary, but all packages include accommodations at a private retreat center, private shuttle to and from San Jose airport, all meals, coffee and snacks, and choice of excursions (listed).


Come find out what makes Rhythma's Retreat culture so captivating! Part family vacation, part dance class, part circus, Rhythma Retreats are like no other vacation on the planet. You'll never forget this adventure, or the magical time you spend with our funky friendly fun-loving staff (a.k.a your new best friends). 


We can't wait to meet you. 


Rhythma Retreats 

Costa Rica 

West African Drum & Dance Retreat

West African Drumming Retreat

Join our West African Drum & Dance retreat family and spend seven full days and nights with the rhythms, history, dance, and drums of West Africa while vacationing in Afro-caribbean paradise! 


Full, independent programs offered for drummers and dancers will encompass the song, history, dance and cadences of West Africa. 


Retreat will feature a private hotel and studio, with two daily classes (morning session & evening sessions, including combined sessions with dancers and drummers).  


Drum retreat will cover Djembe and Dun Dun orchestra.


Open to all levels! 

An incredible opportunity for experienced students to fine-tune technique, and a great environment for beginners to explore a new passion. Rely on our large staff of instructors, assistant teachers, and retreat helpers for everything you need in and out of the classroom.


Day trips & activities (chosen by group):

Jungle and herbalism tour with local Rastafarians

Native Bri-Bri Chocolate Farm

Waterfall Hike (mild difficulty)

Horseback Riding

Animal Sanctuary

Surfing & more!



Contact us today for information about reserving a space in one of our retreat programs.


Space is limited, so plan early! 


Write today with Subject:
Costa Rica - <Retreat Title>



Tribal Isolations & Fire Arts


We are bringing back our Tribal Dance Retreat by popular demand..  But this year we are expanding it to encompass all body isolations and undulations (waves) of the body as well as delving deeper into the world of Fire Arts! 


Our retreat program is led by founder and creative director of Rhythma Studios, Meredith Hope. Meredith has devoted her life to the exploration of dance, art, motion and the world. She established Rhythma Studios in Atlanta, Georgia to create a home for her passion, and a center for the development of art in all it's forms. Our retreat focuses on Tribal Dance, a blend of Animation Hip Hop and Tribal Bellydance Fusion and Fire Performance, making it a perfect training opportunity for all performance & movement artists.


In this week-long retreat Meredith will share the performance techniques, training tips, drills and passion that has helped her develop her style over a lifetime of personal exploration, inspiration and study. Tribal is a very multifacted style of dance that draws heavily on the isolations, tempo variations, angles and intricacies of Animation and Bellydance, leaving us with no shortage of drills. To counter and compliment these more rigid forms, Tribal Dance incorporates the body waves, undulations and other snake-like movements, blending these two different styles into a uniquely titilating style. We will be jamming to*** Deep house, shamanic bass music, yoga dub, feminine and Tribal dubstep.**


Meredith is also a multi-talented fire flow artist. Adding fire to your performance is a great way for professionals to bring an element of danger and excitement to any routine. Its also an entertaining hobbie that will open you up to a cornucopia of new toys, tricks and techniques.  We we delve into the world of compining body isolations with palm torches and fire fans.  Time to bring your dance to fire!


Meredith made the decision to create her Costa Rican Tribal Isolations & Fire Arts Retreat as a means of connecting her students to the purity of life and unity with the earth that inspires her own movement. By bringing her pupils away from the demands and distractions of the "civilized" world and creating a new community to live, love, train, talk and grow together, Meredith hopes to infuse their lives with the passion of Tribal Vida.


Our goal for this years retreat is to help each student bring consciousness and awareness to all parts of their body; from the cerebral cortex all the way out to each finger, toe and all body parts in-between.  Movements and techniques used in isolations, undulations, and popping are generally focused on sharp contrasts and extremes, being either robotic and rigid or very loose and flowing.  We will give you drills to awaken, isolate, wave and pop all the parts of your body.  Not only will we teach you drills to help you keep building body awareness and a series of fun choreographies to train with, we will also send you home with a video of routines and drills so you will never forget all the training and techniques you learned during your stay with us in paradise! 


At Rhythma Studios, we believe everyone is an artist. This training is designed for everyone; whether you consider yourself a mover or a performance artist, no matter which style of movement you study or prop you perform with. Having the ability to have complete control over each of your body parts will add a whole new level to your technique.  


There is much more to our retreat than the time you'll spend training in the beautiful jungle dance studio we've prepared. Your seven-day stay will offer an array of activities including but not limited to: Tribal Dance Class, Ecstatic Dance, Restorative Morning Yoga Practice, Flow Arts Workshops, Fire Arts Sessions on Playa Negra, Outdoor Beach Workouts,  Consciousness Group Dialogues, Spring Water Pool and Ocean Swimming, Tree of Life Sanctuary Field Trip, Tribal Bonfire Farewell Ceremony, Cultural Exchange Performance at Cauhita's SPLASH Community Activity Center for the locals!  (Remember Cahuita is a very isolated town with tiny, yet lively, population of 1,500 people.) 



Day trips & activities (chosen by group):

Jungle and herbalism tour with local Rastafarians

Native Bri-Bri Chocolate Farm

Waterfall Hike (mild difficulty)

Horseback Riding

Animal Sanctuary

Surfing & more!


7 day retreat - $1,500 (airfare not included)

** Special discounted rate for group bookings

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