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Freedom Program on stand by until further notice!

Welcome to Wake N' Shake, Atlanta's Premier Morning Movement & Art Party held every Sunday at Rhythma Studios! 


Join us in a judgement free zone of connection, collaboration, expression and play! Become a part of our Wake N' Shake community on Facebook for schedule updates, upcoming DJs, photos & video! 

What is Wake N' Shake?

Wake N' Shake is a morning movement & art party facilitated every Sunday by the artistic team at Rhythma Studios. Featuring live music provided by local DJs, we have created the Wake N’ Shake program to offer our community an opportunity to move, dance and embrace life without expectation or judgment. 


It is not a typical class with an instructor. We start off our session with an hour of led yoga practice by Atlanta yogis but after that  we are all teachers and students. We share skills we are passionate about with others. There are no right or wrong movements. No judgments. No egos. It is movement for the sake of movement. Wake N' Shake is Similar to ecstatic dance in that we use movement to move us to states of euphoria yet with the special twist that we have aerial circus equipment which allows you to futher expand your movements through improved strength and flexibility. 


Atlanta has a rich, vibrant community of dancers, artists and performers. As members of this community we know all too well how easy it is to become caught in the currents of events, auditions, training, meetings and marketing. How often the grind can grind us down.  Wake N' Shake is a way for us to reconnect, share our skills and come up with unique ways to collaborate and support each others goals.


Rhythma is a community dance studio, and we strive to develop programing and policies to connect and enrich Atlanta’s performance and movement artists. We also believe that everyone is an artist and has the potential to awaken their inner creator. We welcome everyone who comes to our studio with open arms. 


Come stretch, dance, and train with us! Our Rhythma team will be here to offer guidance in skills such as Aerial silks, Lyra, Trapeze, Yoga Swing, Hoop, Poi, Unicycle, Acro Yoga, and more! Our core team of managing artists have backgrounds in hip hop, circus, martial arts, ballet, yoga, acting, contact improv and gymnastics. We also partner with a variety of local visionary artists, painters and animators, whose work we proudly display during our Wake N’ Shake and Open Studio sessions. Artists feel free to bring your supplies and get creative!


We also offer coffee and nutritious breakfast options for purchase through partnership with some of our favorite local vendors, as well as $1/minute massage service, for those mornings when we just need a little extra help feeling like our best selves. We welcome submissions from local vendors, service workers and artists. 

How is Wake N' Shake different from Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic dance is a contemporary movement to refresh the tradition of sacred dance and movement, renewing the relevancy of these traditions for today's dancer. 


It shares the same goal as the sacred and spiritual cultural dances of throughout history: to strengthen the bond between body and spirit through uninhibited movement.  Just as the Whirling Dervishes, Liturgical praise dancers, native American dance circles and other traditions used movement and community to enrich the spirits of the dancer, ecstatic dance  is intended as a tool for healing and personal growth. 


It is an unguided, and judgment-free environment for self expression. The freedom to dance like no one is watching, while simultaniously drawing upon the support of an open-hearted community. 


A perfect fit whether you "can't dance" or have spent a lifetime training. Ecstatic dance is medicinal movement. Come heal yourself. 


Wake N' Shake pulls from these principals and like ecstatic dance is a substance-free event but unlike ecstatic dance we allow communication on the dance floor and welcome all types of movement and artistic expression that include external props.

Wanna Wake and/or Shake with us?
Artist, Vendor, DJ & Musician submissions

Would you like to join the Wake N' Shake team as an artist, vendor or DJ? 

We are totally into that!


Wake N' Shake is a 100% community-focused program, so we welcome collaborators from all walks of life. In fact we need you! 


We offer profit shares for DJ partners and no-risk commision plans for artist, vendors and healing arts providers. If you are interested in learning more about how to be a part of Wake N' Shake, just drop us a message in the conveniantly adjacent form, with Wake N' Shake in the subject. 

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Current Vendors

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